songs and moments

Pieces that roar, swing and drive showcase Kevin's full range of dynamic possibilities in this release that features a diverse blend of old and new. Alternating effortlessly between upper and lower registers, Kevin becomes a walking bass on "West Coast Blues." And he shows how he can scat with the best of 'em as he careens you through "The Coaster," and "A-Train." And nobody sings lyrics more meaningfully than Kevin in "When I Fall In Love." Listen. You'll discover why Kevin has catapulted to the forefront of today's jazz singers.

Kevin Mahogany, vocals - John Hicks, piano - Ray Drummond, bass - Marvin "Smitty" Smith, drums - Arthur Glythe, alto saxophone - Kevin Eubanks, guitar - Michael Mossman, trumpet - Robin Eubanks, trombone - Steve Wilson, clarinet, alto sax - Willie Williams, clarinet, tenor sax - Phil Brenner, alto flute, soprano sax - Gary Smulyan, bass clarinet, baritone sax

1. The Coaster
2. West Coast Blues
3. The City Lights
4. Night Flight
5. Next Time You See Me
6. Songs and Moments
7. Caravan
8. My Foolish Heart
9. Red Top
10. Jim's Ballad
11. Take The A-Train
12. When I Fall In Love

Enja, 1994