"He scats up a storm," says USA TODAY in its review of "Kevin Mahogany," the artist's self-titled 1998 Warner Bros. release.

 Kevin Mahogany (**** out of four) - Rarely does a singer make you want to just sit down and listen. Close your eyes and you might think you're in a jumpin' after-hours joint. Mahogany, considered the top young jazz singer and who'll portray Big Joe Turner in the Robert Altman film "Kansas City" next month, freshens a slew of standards. He scats up a storm on "Oh! Gee" and "Little Black Samba," and sizzles on "Still Swingin'," the album's only original. Songs like the smoky "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" and the melancholy "I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" help the album resonate long after its over.