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  • Isola del Cantone Italy Bobby Durham Jazz Camp
    June 29 - July 5


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    If you have not heard Kevin Mahogany has THREE NEW CD"s available for digital download! If you love Christmas you will love Kevin Mahogany and the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra.  It was just released fall of 2012 but it wont be available much longer !!   You better go out and grab it NOW !!   " Next Time You See Me ",  was recorded in Brazil

  • Kevin Mahogany takes Johnny Hartman to a wider audience.

    By Bob Karlovits Kevin Mahogany is a man on a mission. "Singers like Johnny Hartman," he says. "People call him a singer's singer. But I'm hoping to take him to a wider audience." Mahogany, a baritone with a stunning voice and a great grasp of song, will be doing his Johnny Hartman tribute Downtown this evening. It is part of his effort to take Hartman

  • Robert Altman's Kansas City: Great Jazz and Atmosphere, but . . .

    by Gary Johnson Robert Altman fills his new movie Kansas Citywith great jazz and atmosphere so thick and palpable that you'd swear you were actually at the Hey Hey Club in '30s era Kansas City. One of the great jazz cities, with "cutting contests" lasting till the wee wee hours of the morning, Kansas City was the home of Robert Altman and he brings it to th

  • An Intimate Evening on Granby Street

    by Jim Newsom Kevin Mahogany first performed here in 1995 at the Town Point Jazz Festival. Though he only had a couple of albums out at that point, he already possessed the talent and stage presence that made those who heard him sit up and take notice. Fast forward ten years to this Friday night: Kevin is back in downtown Norfolk, this time at the Roper headlining the Jazz on Granby ser

  • The Big Man is a Big Hit

    By by Jim Newsom Kevin Mahogany Jazz on Granby Roper Performing Arts Center November 11 It was a busy night in Norfolk town: Bruce Springsteen at the Ted, Romeo & Juliet at the Harrison, The Admirals at Scope, an all-star Veteran's Day benefit at the Granby. But the best entertainment value of the evening was probably Kevin Mahogany's performance at the Roper. T

  • Benefit show brings soulful singer to Montrose

    By Kent Green Daily Press Writer MONTROSE  Jazz vocalist Kevin Mahogany's Saturday night show took place at the Montrose Pavilion, but, with closed eyes, it could have just as easily been at a back-alley club in New Orleans, Kansas City or Chicago. Mahogany played at the third benefit for KVNF and Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado. He and his band played to an

  • Kevin Mahogany is a real find

    By Danny O'Bryan Considering the paucity of great male jazz singers  these days, most are in their 70s or 80s or dead  Kevin Mahogany is a real find. He's barely middle age, with a booming, velvet baritone that could be compared to the late Joe Williams. Likewise, he can scat and do vocalese with the best of them. Born in Kansas City and originally an instrumentalist,

  • Mahogany adds velvet to jazz...

    By The Courier-Journal Kevin Mahogany's voice is like velvet wrapped in velvet with a velvet bow on top, tied by a gorgeous woman wearing velvet gloves and, let's say, shiny red lipstick. .  

  • Jazz: Mahogany delivers with verve, conviction.

      Kevin Mahogany sang only one moonlit ballad from his wonderful new album, "My Romance" (Warner Brothers), in his opening show Tuesday at Jazz Alley, but it really didn't matter. Even on get-acquainted fare - "Take the 'A' Train," "Green Dolphin Street," "My Funny Valentine" - he and his pickup rhythm section performed with relax

  • Impeccable Technique

      "Impeccable Technique" says Bret Primack's "Jazz Online" review of Kevin Mahogany's "Another Time Another Place" From down in Kansas City, Kevin Mahogany's lush, bluesy baritone, paired with flawless time, has charmed audiences in five CDs, and in Robert Altman's movie, "Kansas City." Kevin's third Warner Bros. Jazz rele